Sponsorship Opportunities

The ALES 100 celebrations will be successful with partner support.  It is the Faculty’s intention to deliver high caliber events that deliver on one or more of our objectives for the centennial.   Over the course of the yearlong celebrations, sponsors will receive exposure to a large range of target audiences in varying numbers.  Your sponsorship helps us to enhance the reputation of the Faculty, the University of Alberta, the City of Edmonton as well as Alberta.  Our plan includes an aggressive communication strategy, leveraging key messaging that highlights accomplishments over the past 100 years in the Faculty. 

Sponsorship of the ALES 100 celebrations will demonstrate your organization’s commitment to the Faculty, university, and community, and allow you to engage with attendees and stakeholders alike during the festivities.  The Centennial Manager along with the ALES Development team have established a number of sponsorship opportunities, keeping in mind the value to our sponsors, exposure to our target audiences and exclusivity.  It is important that our sponsors receive the recognition they deserve, the Centennial Manager will work with you to ensure that you are 100% satisfied. 

Century Sponsor – One Available (per industry) at $100,000

The Century Sponsor is an essential partner for the ALES 100 celebrations and will be pivotal in setting the stage for a successful year ahead.  The Century Sponsor reaches the largest audiences and will be recognized at all ALES 100 events.  With this being an industry exclusive sponsorship level, it provides exposure and value to our sponsor, not matched at any other sponsor level.

Half Century Sponsor – Six Available at $50,000

Half Century Sponsorship includes recognition at all title events; Lois Hole “Queen of Hugs” Clothing Exhibit, Project Serve, Devonian Botanic Garden Evening Event, the Old Country Fair and Bar None Reunion Dinner.  With only six sponsor opportunities available, this coveted level will provide exposure to our attendees.

Quarter Century Sponsor – Four Available at $25,000

Starting December 2014 and continuing on through 2015 there will be four department lectures that will become part of the Centennial Lecture Series.  Quarter Century Sponsors are recognized during this series and will gain valuable exposure to a range of attendees. 

Decade Sponsor – Ten available at $10,000

Inception Sponsor – Unlimited at $5,000